The beautiful picture of Black Panther has been going viral on Twitter for two days. People are remembering the character of The Jungle Book Bagheera after seeing this black panther. The black panther in the Jungle Book and Mowgli films was named Bagheera. This species of leopard is rare in India. These beautiful photographs have been captured by photographer Shaaz Jung in his camera.

Speaking to BBC News, Shaaz revealed that he saw the young black panther for the first time in 2015, after which he has been wandering in the jungles of South India for the past three years for pictures of him. They were searching and finally found a black panther in the Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary in Mandya district of Karnataka.

Although viral photos are being told of 2019, Shaaz has captured these Panthers on his camera several times. He has written on his Instagram account that National Geography had planned to make a documentary on him after seeing the pictures.

Image-India tv news

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