At the Starbucks Coffeehouse in San Diego, US, a woman named amber Lynn was not served coffee. The woman angrily took a picture of that waiter at Starbucks and put it on Facebook.

In a Facebook post, amber wrote that meet Lenin, who works at Starbucks. I did not wear a mask, so he did not give me coffee. If I come next time, I will wait for the police and bring proof of medical exemption.

In fact, Barista Lenin did not served h coffee for not wearing a mask. Amber had threatened to complain to the company’s corporate office, but the Lenin remained firm.

Amber posted this on Facebook on 22 June, after which her post was overshadowed by her. People defended Lenin and wrote that it is shameful to publicly harass a person working honestly in this way. Users Wrote that everyone needs to follow the rules.

After posting on Facebook, a person amed Matt Cowan started crowd funding for Lenin under the name Tip. Matt created a virtual tip jar on a website called GOFUNDME and wrote about this incident.He requested people to stand with lenin and Arrange tip for them.

Cowan was not sure that he would be able to raise even $ 1000 dollars. But the number of helpers grew and people raised more than 90 thousand dollars. On the post 1 lack 32 thousand people have commented and about 50 thousand people’s shared this story.

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